The Houston Area Urban League Guild

a volunteer auxiliary of the Houston Area Urban League  

Guild Calendar of Events

The Houston Area Urban League Guild aka "HAULGUILD" is one of two volunteer auxiliaries of the Houston Area Urban League, a nonprofit, non-partisan community based organization and a United Way Agency Affiliated with the National Urban League (the nation’s largest and oldest civil service organization). The Houston Area Urban League Guild is not a legal entity unto itself. It is an auxiliary operative under the rules and regulations of the National Urban League Guidelines for the operations of an Urban League Guild, and the rules, regulations and guidelines of the Affiliate to which the Guild is an auxiliary. The Houston Area Urban League Guild maintains an affiliate membership with the National Council of Urban League Guilds.

Houston Area Urban League GUILD Officers for 2016-18 


Functions of the Guild:

Stimulate and promote volunteer participation and develop a leadership role in the discharge of its programmatic and fiscal responsibilities of the Affiliate.

Strengthen the local Affiliate by interpreting the programs, policies and concerns of the Affiliate to the community at large and by raising money in support of the Affiliate's endeavors.

Provide leverage for the Affiliate to generate community interest in support of the programs of the Affiliate

Sponsor and Co-sponsor seminars and other types of activities, which focus attention upon the significant role of the Urban League.

Develop and implement activities (operational, programmatic and fiscal) in support of the Affiliate.


Standing Committees:

  • Executive 
  • Finance/Budget
  • Fund Development
  • Membership
  • Community Service
  •  Hospitality/Courtesy



  • Membership Drives
  • Community Service Projects  
  • Mentor / Tutor Programs
  • Voter's Registration Drives
  • Annual Back to School Drive
  • Health Education Seminars/Workshops (i.e.Healthy Awareness Day)
  • Networking Events
  •  Fundraiser(s) Events supporting the Houston Area Urban League